Pool Rules

Note: All users must provide a mobile number on first booking and also must bring a working mobile with them to the pool hire

At least one of the booking party must be over the age of 21

1. Each session starts and finishes on the hour and includes the changing time

2. Any children not toilet trained must wear a swim nappy and a 'Happy Nappy'.  These can be purchased from many locations including Boots and Amazon. You will not be allowed to swim with your child if you do not have both types of nappies

3. No outdoor shoes are allowed to be worn in any part of the pool room

4. No single person (or single adult) swimming at any time is allowed at any time

5. It is not recommended that the hot tub is used by anybody under the age of 16 or with health problems, and therefore use is at your own risk. Please check with your doctor before use if you are unsure

6. No diving or jumping into the pool

7. No horseplay (pushing others into the pool or dive bombing)

8. Infants must wear the correct combination of swimming nappies at all times in the pool and pool room. This is to be a correctly fitted swim nappy and 'Happy Nappy'.

9. No running around the edge of the pool or in the pool house

10. No hardballs in the pool house

11. No furniture maybe removed from the pool house

12. No one is to use the pool under the influence of alcohol or drugs

13. All users should be in good health and its your responsibility to ensure that the pool, the pool chemicals and the pool environment will not affect any medical condition they suffer from by your doctor in a consultation if necessary. Should a doctors consultation be necessary then the owners must be notified in writing prior to use. A full breakdown of pool temperature, air temperature and chemicals used can be provided upon request

14. The pool water quality is tested everyday and recorded and can be seen on request

15. Please exercise caution if you have eaten or had a drink an hour before swimming

16. No food drink or breakables may be used in the pool or anywhere else including the changing rooms

17. Shoes must be removed prior to entering the pool house and must not be worn under any circumstances in the pool room

18. No smoking is allowed at The Croft either in the pool house, pool or in the premises.

19. All jewellery must be removed prior to entering the pool

20. To maintain the temperature of the pool and pool house all entrance doors must be kept closed immediately after entering the pool house.

21. Perfumes, body lotions must be removed prior to entering the pool

22. Anyone using The Croft’s facilities does so at their own risk


Additions (effective 22/4/12):

  • We would also ask that all guests do all they can to remove moisturises or tanning products before they use the pool/tub.
  • All adult guests must sign the sign in sheet
  • Please do not alter the temperature of the Hot Tub.  Please only press the jets button
  • Please do not place the Hot Tub cover on the floor – if you are unsure how to remove it please ask or call my phone
  • Block bookings will always have priority over one-off bookings
  • For any bookings, cancellations within 48 hours of the booked time will be charged at the full amount
  • At arrival, if the main cover is on the hirer must remove this by turning the wheel and ensuring it does not twist
  • The small cover should be removed and placed to one side
  • Unless otherwise notified we would ask that you replace the cover using the ropes to pull it back at the end of your session.  This will ensure consistently high temperatures in the pool
  • If you are ensure how to do this please check first
  • Any damages must be paid for in full
  • By paying for a slot, the individual that pays (payee) enters into an agreement with Ian Wilson and Caroline Wilson (of 91 Yarmouth Road, Blofield, NR13 4LQ) that any damage during that slot (or discovered after that slot), howsover caused, shall be paid for in full by the payee. The payee will receive written confirmation of the cost of repairs required for any damage and be required to pay for those repairs within 14 calendar days of receiving the written confirmation of the cost of repairs.
  • All rubbish should be taken with guests
  • If shoes are not removed or the pool room floor is soiled, there may be an additional charge for cleaning
  • The temperature will recorded digitally and presented daily on the sign in sheet
  • The temperature will be set to a minimum of 30 degrees, although the thermostat will be set at 32 degrees (when the cover is off for long periods, it can dip slightly).  If the pool is not at least 30 degrees, guests will be notified in advance of their hire and allowed to postpone their hire if required
  • Occasionally is may be necessary to close the pool for maintenance.  Guests will be notified at least 48 hours in advance if it affects their hire and allowed to cancel their booking if required.